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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sugar & Frosting with The Elegant Petal

At Sugar & Frosting Wedding Cake Studio in Fort Worth we have the privilege of working with some amazing wedding vendors.  We have taken this opportunity to interview some of our favorite vendors and will be offering some of their wisdom and expertise over the next few months on various topics relating to their businesses.  

This week we interviewed Allison Welch of The Elegant Petal area Fort Worth Florist.  

S&F: Can you tell me a little bit about the types of flowers you like to use on wedding cakes?

The Elegant Petal's Allison: For a 3 dimensional look on wedding cake flowers we like to use an interesting greenery or flower buds. Tree fern greenery is feather-like and the Freesia flower has blooms and tiny green buds that look fantastic trailing over the edge of cake layers. 

S&F: What do you suggest for ruffle loving brides: A cluster of gladiolus blooms creates a ruffled effect and, since the blossoms are separate from the stem, most people are in awe as to what type of exotic flower it is. 

The Elegant Petal's Allison:  What's your favorite simple and easy look? A
favorite look to customize cake decor is to use striped or other themed ribbon with a large bloom as an accent.

You can contact Allison and view more of her work at www.theelegantpetal.com

S & F Weddings Partners with The Elegant Petal on this un-iced beauty!

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