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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Would you guess it's gluten free?

The staff at Sugar and Frosting, Keller, TX have been working hard coming up with a brand-new recipes for our customers and their family and friends with gluten intolerance and celiac's disease. Our goal is to provide a gluten-free product that doesn't taste like cardboard that does not taste any different than our already amazing, melt in your mouth treats. Many of the components of the sweet treats we offer are already naturally gluten-free, such as our caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, most of our buttercreams, fillings and more. We've altered our cake batters just slightly using gluten-free flours. Our customers can special order cupcakes and decorated cakes sure to wow all of their guests while being gluten-free. 
Our newest and most surprisingly amazing gluten-free options are flourless chocolate brownies, and decadent gluten-free fudge cookies that will rival the best gluten filled cookie out there.

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